How To Achieve Insta-Ready Nails – At Home!

Gloomy days and heavy rains call for keeping yourself busy at home. And what’s a better way to keep busy than be creative? Pamper yourself and get on the glam wagon by experimenting with some Instagram trendy nail art. We’ve seen it all on there, from furry nails to the 100 layers challenge and its going to take you much more than a striking nail colour to make the cut. But don’t you worry we’ve got you on this, we’ve pulled together ways to make your nails look on point. From the manicure process to showing your hard work off, here are 5 ways to get your nails Insta trending.

Mermaid nails

Let’s be honest, we all at some point of our lives have wanted to be a mermaid. And even though that seems like a far-fetched thought, there’s something that’s going to get us a step closer to being one. Mesmerizing mermaid nails are something even Ariel would be jealous of.

How to get the look?

Step 1: prep you nails and add a base colour, preferably a darker shade.

Step 2: now there’s 2 ways you can go about this, you can either buy scallop shaped nail stickers or simply use a fishnet stocking. You’ll also need a small piece of sponge to mix some shimmery polishes on.

Step 3: gently place the sticker on your nail and dab the sponge with the polish on it to create the pattern. Repeat on all the fingers and peel the sticker off before the varnish hardens.


Marble nails

Get you nails looking trendy with this unique tie-dye technique.

How to get the look?

Step 1: paint your nails with a transparent coat; it helps for the swirls to go on better.

Step 2: fill a bowl with water and drip a selection of your favourite colors into it. Make sure you work quickly now, the polish should not dry.

Step 3: now take a thin skewer or a tooth pick and gently drag it through the colour circles to create a pattern.

Step 4: dip your fingers in one at a time, remove and carefully clean the excess around your fingers with a cotton bud.

Step 5: finish off with another transparent top coat.


Splatter polish

There’s no way to get the perfect mani that’s quicker and easier than the splatter paint nails. Fresh, easy and looks super cute. Messy is the new trendy.

How to get the look?

Step 1: paint your nails with an opaque base and let it dry.

Step2: this is the fun bit. Take a little nail varnish of a piece of paper and dip one end of your straw in it. Gently blow through the other end of the straw. Experiment with different colors to achieve the desired look.

Step 3: clean the mess around your nails and top it with a glossy coat.


Ombre nails

So what if you can’t see a beautiful sunset when you peep out of your window? You can now replicate one on your nails. From sunset skies to glitter gradients, you can do it all with this easy trick.

How to get the look?

Step 1: prep your nails and paint on a solid base coat.

Step 2: take a makeup sponge and paint your chosen gradient colors on it in horizontal or vertical lines.

Step 3: press the painted sponge onto your nails and repeat the step for a brighter pop of color.

Step 4: clean off the edges and apply transparent top coat.


Geometric patterns

Sleek, simple and stylish. Need we say more?

How to get the look?

Step 1: prep you nails and select a bunch of fresh nail polish shades.

Step 2: start off with one colour and draw simple shapes; triangles, squares or lines the choice is yours. You can also use tape to get straighter lines.

Step 3: repeat the same with other colors. Experiment with the sizes or mix up the shapes to make it more fun.

Step 4: finish off with a glossy top coat.