Alia Bhatt’s skirt fabric is Fall/Winter’s true winner

Trust the Student of the Year to cause a fashion moment.

With the holidays in full swing and the chills on the horizon, celebrities are gearing up for some Fall/Winter trigging. And if the uniform’s to be defined, SUEDE is an absolute winner with its downbeat run-around vibe! Now of course, if Alia Bhatt wore it, you should too.

#SCHack: Whether you’re wearing it on the top or bottom (or both) of your outfit, make sure you don’t indulge in an all-suede derby. Create an outfit with lots of layering and options that compliment the fabric well!


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The trick lies in not turning into an official sponsor of the fabric. Besides embracing suede as a sole runner, here are three fabrics to mingle it with!



The noble denim seems to be a winner every season. If you’re all set to try the new entrant, suede you rather try pairings with fashion traditionals first. For example, denim! Keep the harmony of the outfit alive by sticking to a ratio of 50:50 for the two fabrics together. A suede jacket would work great with classic white blouses and your closet’s favourite, the skinny jeans!



Metallic fabrics have never looked better! For a sensitive fabric like suede, you need some effortless throw-ons. Invest in a silk metallic slip-dress and balance the outfit with silky smooth perfection. Or an A-line metallic skirt with a suede jacket is just the right amount of suede for one outfit too!



Stick to neutrals and don’t go overboard! When mingled with pastels and accessorised with femininity, your knit+suede outfit can really turn out to be a stand-out. It’s easy, classic and a straightforward approach to F/W fashion!


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