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Wedding bells
Pop singer and celebrated fashion icon, Lady Gaga is set to tie the knot soon with long-time beau Taylor Kinney and WWD wants to join in on the celebration. They asked top designers to design her wedding dress, the result – 36 fabulous sketches from the likes of Lanvin,

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Overcome impulsive shopping now!

If shopaholics anonymous existed in our city, you’d be sure to find some of us SC girls at the meetings. Even though our stylists recommend shopping from time to time, we would never stand by an unnecessary impulse buy. Here are some tips to help you kick the habit.
Your cart is empty – and so it shall be

Get rid of those online shopping bookmarks from your web browser right away.

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How to wear: Gingham

We love it when fashion experiments an otherwise boring pattern like gingham and transforms it into something new and chic altogether. Here are some super cute ways to sport summer’s favourite trend.
Modern twist

The new generation of gingham feels fresh thanks to modern cuts – crop tops, jumpsuits, twin-sets and asymmetrical hemlines in lightweight fabrics.

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5 stylish reasons why dusky girls do it better

Naturally bronzed belles of India, consider this is our stylish love letter to you! Ahead, we give your some convincingly chic reasons why ‘you’ do it better.
1. Beyond pale

From whites to pretty pastels, bronzed belles instantly gain an ethereal look when seen opting for these fresh hues.

Since pastel manages to make its way onto the summer runways each season,

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DIY: Get rid of an oily scalp this summer

Is the humid climate wreaking havoc on your tresses? Do you have to wash your hair ever so often? Whatever may be the issue, a solution is in order! Read on for some at-home DIY remedies to help your scalp feel fresh and breathe easy.
First things first – Diagnose the issue

There’s a very good chance that a hormonal problem is at play causing your roots to feel like they are in an oil slick.

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Fashion news weekly

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Fashion Revolution day

It’s the day to ask yourself #WhoMadeMyClothes – two years ago today, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed and took the lives of over a thousand factory workers. To commemorate this loss, today you could turn your clothes inside out, as its Fashion Revolution day’s way of asking us to remember the people who worked hard at making our clothes.

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