Day 3: Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) S/S 2016

If individualism is your thing then you definitely shouldn’t miss our round-up of Day 3 at AIFW S/S 2016. Things started off with the High Five show – young designers like Abhi Singh, Aditya Dugar, Chhaya Mehrotra, Poonam Dubey and Shalini James made an impression with their take on quirky staples for the coming season. Archana Rao gave us her take on the unusual with delicate floral embroidery and borderie anglais on tailored separates.

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DIY tricks to make where you stay feel like home

No matter how big or small, home is where the heart is. And StyleCracker has just the decor ideas for you to make your heart grow fonder. 
Gone are the days of plain-jane opalescent walls. Texture, wall paper, block-print, wooden paneling, cloth paneling, mirror paneling and hand painting even a small wall can brighten up the area and add dimension.

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Dark Dreams

Sabyasachi Mukherjee opened Amazon India Couture Week A/W 2015 with a salute to the dominatrix-bride.

Black lehenga? Check. Warrior-like embellishments? Check. Goth-inspired accessories? Check, check and check. For all those out there who fleetingly considered wearing black for their D-day but didn’t dare follow that train of thought, let alone voice it – here’s your chance.

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Menswear SS16


As one of the leading experts in menswear and grooming in India, Riaan Jacob George gives an ultimate style lesson in how to make international runway trends relevant to Indian street style. As the former Culture Editor at L’Officiel India, former Editor at Eat Stay Love,

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Art Class

Futuristic, ethereal and yet so-right-now, we are still reeling (hallucinating?) from yesterday’s Dior Haute Couture Fall 2015 show. How else would one react to a show whose set consists of a purple grass carpet, décor inspired by Pointillism and clothes that take you on a seductive journey in to the future of fashion?  Here’s a time lapse video that shows us the making of this cutting-edge set.

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Man About Town

“Détournement is the opposite of quotation” (G. Debord) was the starting point of Gucci menswear S/S 2016 collection. ‘Détournement’ meaning re-contextualization of classics in a futuristic and urban arena. Designer Alessandro Michele re-defined androgyny for a new generation where masculine forms met graceful, almost, ladylike patterns. Power suits in powdery pastels splattered with floral embroidery, statement separates in deep jewel tones with delicate details and length-elongating silhouettes in slim,

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Jelly Addict

To celebrate the 13th edition of its magazine, Plastic Dreams and it’s Winter Star Walker A/W 2015 collection, Brazilian shoe label Melissa treats us to a super exciting video. The video not only features top Brazilian model Bruna Tenorio but also pays a stylish tribute to all things inter-galactic with futuristic foot wear designs. PS: Did you know that Melissa shoes are crafted with Melflex technology making them rain-proof?

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Just Breathe

Here’s what you need to amp up your daily yoga session circa 2015
Stretch out

Invest in a good mat. It always goes a long way. The thicker the foam, the more impact the mat will endure. This mat from Reebok is not only sweat-resistant but also maintains a firm grip on the floor so you won’t slip. 

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