3 Stylist-Approved Outfits To Add To Your Closet Today

It’s time to shed those layers ladies. With the temperatures rising rapidly, the only outfits keeping you cool are those that are airy, easy-breezy, light and something that doesn’t stick to your body when you’re out and about. We already gave you a list of things to add to your summer wardrobe. Here are three more stylist-approved pieces from Color Story By Dee that could take you from summer in the city,

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Everything Your Summer Wardrobe Needs Is Right Here

Those temperatures are rising, the sun is coming out stronger and you’re ditching all your jackets and cardigan for lighter clothes. Summer calls for bright colours, easy-breezy silhouettes and that overall care-free vibe – at least when it comes to your wardrobe. Founded in 2019. Color Story by Dee is an eclectic fusion clothing line that has all those vibrant shades we’re looking for!

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8 Shoes You Need To Survive Wedding Season

Firstly, all 12 months of the year count as wedding season these days. When you’re in a certain age bracket, people are getting married practically every weekend, and your nights are now spent mostly at dance practice and receptions than at the clubs. While your clothes are obviously important during these times, it’s your shoes that can make or break your look.

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