Five Must Have Beauty Tools

Using the right beauty tools even by amateurs, could help anyone get a polished look that makes the best of both their features as well as their favourite products. StyleCracker brings you the beauty tools that you absolutely need in your arsenal and how to use them.
What: Face Epilator

Why: Salon visits are not always required to get rid of irritating,

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Tips For A Healthier Diwali

Khushboo Thadani of KWeigh gives StyleCracker tips on ways to stay healthy this Diwali.

#Indulge wisely

While festivals call for a huge spread, stick to two to three of your favourites, so you don’t end up overeating!
#Dance the night away

Who says you need a gym to fit in a good workout?
#Gift healthy

Skip the sugar-laden treats this year and send your friends/family hampers filled with seasonal and dried fruits,

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Evolution Of Lipstick

Pick-me-upper, instant glam update or a classic – but call it what you may, lipstick has been an integral part of an urban girl’s life. StyleCracker traces its evolution.

Lipstick becomes popular. Maurice Levy invents the first metal lipstick tube. By 1923, the modern swivel lipstick tube is patented and companies like Chanel, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden start to manufacture the lipstick.

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The Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Instead of the clichéd standard gifts for your friends and family, you can now take the act of gifting to another level by gifting them ultimate experiences packed with a requisite dose of adrenaline and fun. We bring you a round-up of our favourites in the capital, from Giftxoxo.
Adrenaline Rush At Surjivan

Traditional India has been characterized by its villages.

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