Bakrid – All Things Deliciously Muttony

If you’re a meat lover, then you’ve come to just the right place. This Bakrid you need to get out there, and stuff your faces with the most delicious and lovingly prepared meals. All things muttony that are going to make you want to unbutton your jeans and are guaranteed to put you in a serious food coma.


Dabba Gosht


This decadent, fattening and sinfully delicious mutton curry dish is a must try this Eid. This spicy curry is an absolute treat for your taste buds and will leave you wanting more, even when you feel like you may burst at the seams. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar makes a mean Dabba Gosht. So you can either sit in your pyjamas (you will need the give) and order in, or venture to one of their outlets and devour some of this tender mutton curry.


Mutton Dum Biryani


The key to this mouth-watering biryani is how long the meat is allowed to marinate – the longer, the better. Rice filled with spices and the softest pieces of mutton make this dish a delight. The spicy, and well marinated potatoes that are thrown in are a delightful surprise. Order some ‘Not-So-Dum Biryani’ from The Bohri Kitchen and you will definitely not be disappointed. Their carefully layered and lovingly cooked biryani boasts that the ‘potatoes are given the same respect as the meat’ – who wouldn’t love that!


Nalli Nihari


This spicy stew is all things wonderful, with the spicy mutton falling off the bone, coupled with the sheer joy of sucking out all the yummy juices from the bone marrow. Not a favourite to many, but definitely worth a try. If cooked to perfection, this dish is finger-licking-good (literally). The Nalli Nihari at Noor Mohammadi Hotel is just out of this world, paired with a crispy roti.



Text: Aditi Shah

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