Be Indian, Buy Indian

Following in the footsteps of Gandhiji, and maintaining his principle of ‘Swadeshi’, which denies external economic dependence. We bring you our favourite herbal and organic Beauty brands in India. They are eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals and can be easily incorporated in your daily beauty regimen.

 Kama Ayurveda

Kama AyurvedaUSP: The Kama arsenal includes oils and serums, cleansers and mists, along with haircare products and home incenses, and a separate range for men’s skincare—all chemical-free and taken from authentic, traditional ayurvedic remedies.

SC LOVES: The brand’s star product is Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub. With pure Kumkumadi oil, it makes a perfect scrub for regular exfoiliation. INR 795.


Soul Tree


USP: This brands offers lipsticks and kajals besides skincare and haircare products. The products are free of sulphates and parabens and the ingredients are taken from the foothills of the Himalayas.Also, BDIH Germany certifies that all their products are natural.

SC LOVES: The Soul Tree lipstick is a must-try as it is made of sweet almond oil and ghee, which adds to the sumptuous texture. INR 450.


Joy By Nature

joy by nature

USP:This is your one place stop for all things organic, they house essential oils to home living and babycare products, along with healthcare and organics food produce. They house brands like Khadi Naturals and Nature’s Co.

SC LOVES:Look out for their gift pack collections. INR 966.


Khadi Naturals


USP:Khadi Naturals was established five decades ago. The motive of institution is to publicise Khadi and its activities to keep their inspiration source Gandhiji’s reflections alive. All their products go through rigorous purity tests and are also tested against harmful reactants. From handmade soaps to essentials oils, they house everything.

SC LOVES: The Khadi Mint and Cucumber Face Spray is a must try. INR 95




USP:Their supply comprises of “spa at home”, “botanicals”, “bath and shower”, and “Ayurveda” products; which more or less covers the full range of personal care products.They also have a tempting range of bath bombs, which when dropped in a bathtub dissolve and work the magic in helping you relax and nourish your body.

SC LOVES: Green Tea Bath Bomb is our favourite. INR 195.


Forest Essentials

forrest essentials

USP: It is one signature brand built on the core values of sustainability and the wisdom of Ayurveda. It offers skincare, bodycare and wellness products and a vast range of men’s range as well. Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, The brand’s Ayurvedic beauty expert’s favorite is the Facial Tonic mist Rose Water.

SC LOVES: The Facial Tonic mist Rose Water. INR 575


Just Herbs

just herbs

USP: This brand was created keeping the women who were conscious of what went into the making of their beauty products. The brand’s products contain no chemical components – parabens, petrochemicals, SLS – whatsoever. They have a vast range of skincare and haircare products.

SC LOVES: Their mini kits are the best, as they are bespoke and are customized according to the skin type. INR 695




USP: New kid on the block, it is a brand that has been launched by a Mumbai-based entrepreneur. It is truly organic and the products are made to order. Their Activated Charcoal Range, which consists of soap bars and whipped soap is a must-try.

SC LOVES: The Activate Charcoal Whipped Soap. INR 650


Biotique Botanicals

biotique 1

USP: Known as the mother of all organic brands, Biotique is known for the quality products and great value for money. The brand houses a range of men’s products as well as babycare products apart from skincare and haircare. They also offer styling products that seem to be missing in other brands.

SC LOVES: Their Bio Wave Fresh Body Styling Gel is a must try. INR 580




USP: Actress and model, Lisa Haydon launched this brand with a limited edition of luxury handmade body lotion, scrubs, serums, and creams. When we say handmade, we mean handmade by the model herself! There are no chemical preservatives and once opened the products can be preserved in the refrigerator.

SC LOVES:The Grapefruit Lavender Body Lotion is one of the bestsellers. INR 1,250.