Beauty and The Blogger – Know your contestants

The American Swan Beauty and the Blogger contestants have been selected, and we’re giving you the first look at the contestants. 8 glamorous models and 8 buzzing bloggers will now be teaming up in pairs to perform on the show, who do you think will make the perfect team? And take away the crown of being the face of American Swan for the model  whereas the winning blogger shall be the social media brand ambassador for American Swan, the country’s fastest growing premium lifestyle apparel brand Additionally, the winning pair will also get the chance to host their own exclusive channel on the FameBox network.

Place your bets now!s the show kicks off this week!




1.    Audrey: This adventurous anchor, actor and model describes herself as happy-go-lucky.

2.    Surbhi: “If you are looking for beauty with brains, look no further, ‘coz you just found her,” is this models confident claim.

3.    Akansha:  A friendly girls who loves bike rides, the model confesses to being confident yet confused about various aspects of her life.

4.    Anusua: A professional model and dancer, Anusua aspires to become a Bollywood actror.

5.    Dimple: “They say big surprises come in small packages. Well I’m the epitome of it,” says this self-assured model.

6.    Leena:   Self confident and poised, Leena believes in herself and what her destiny holds.

7.    Simran: This versatile model loves to experiment and surprise the audience.

8.    Priyanka: “I am a spicy fighter” is how Priyanka describes herself.



1.      Srish: A fashion enthusiast, Srish is a life loving, carefree person.

2.      Karishma: Part time blogger and full time wanderer, Karishma is a fiction fanatic, who thinks of herself as the godmother of small things.

3.      Himanshu: A hacker and entrepreneur, Himanshu is a world famous comedian at home and a professional browser history cleaner.

4.      Bhumika: Chartered accountant by education and lifestyle blogger by profession, she has her own unique viewpoint.

5.      Jeremy: A brand consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands, the blogger specialises in providing his clients with unique marketing solutions.

6.      Kaushal: “Digital strategist, designer and blogger who loves hopping cities,” describes Kaushal in his own words.

7.      Shalini: A happy-go-lucky fashionista who breathes fashion is an apt portrayal of Shalini

8.      Shanaya: Blogger by day, DJ by night—this is one multi talented influencer.