Beauty gurus are using magnetic lashes. Do they actually work?

Magnetic lashes might just be the answer to all our lash problems. One Two lashes came up with this extremely intelligent and time saving concept to save you the horror of trying to glue on a pair of falsies. Now let’s be real, we’ve all been there and miserably failed. No more wonky lashes and the fear of sticking your eye lids together. This godsend creation is going to spare you all those sweaty palm, foundation melt, and eye shadow smudge moments. The lashes are relatively cheaper, natural-looking, reusable and very easy to use. Here are a few things you need to know about the magnetic lashes before you jump right in and buy yourself a pair.

How do they work?

Each lash has a tiny magnet on them, which needs to be clipped onto your natural lashes from the top and the bottom. To remove them simply use your thumb and index finger and slide them away from each other.

Here’s a video clip for you to understand the use better

How long do they last?

SC research says the lashes last you about 2-3 months, which we think is FANTASTIC.

Are they heavy?

No, they weigh and feel like just regular falsies.

Which one should you buy?

Now they have a bunch of options to choose from depending on how subtle or dramatic you want the look to be. We say you go all out and be bold.

Where can I get them?

You can make your purchase for the lashes online at

SC Pro Tips

Make sure your natural lashes are free of any makeup. It’ll help the magnet clip on faster and better.

Be gentle; let the magnets do the work.

Don’t use mascara on the magnetic falsies.

Patience is key.







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