Behind the scenes: Gina Narang


Meet Gina Narang – she has an eye for beauty, and quite literally so! Photographer and quite the stylista herself, SC had the chance to capture some fun tidbits about her.


SC: What’s your biggest junk food weakness?

GN: “Candy!”

SC: A soundtrack that would best describe your life?

GN: “Juicy – The Notorious B.I.G.”

SC: If you could be a TV character (from a series) who would you be?

GN: “Dennis, from It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.”


SC: How do you feel when you’re getting photographed for a change?

GN: “I hate it! I’m really self-conscious.”

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SC: If not this career path, what would you have chosen?

GN: “I would’ve probably gone to art school.”

SC: What advice would you offer to someone trying to make it in photography?

GN: “Keep shooting, keep doing things, and don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to come knocking at your door. Just keep putting your work out there and love what you do!”

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To view more of her work, head on to her official website,