Behind the scenes: Mitesh Rajani

Make-up maven and hairstylist, Mitesh Rajani was responsible for making the models at our SC shoot look gorgeous as ever. We sat down to have a chat with the celebrity face-maker and caught a few fun facts about him.

SC: What’s your biggest junk food weakness?

MR: “Any Indian sweet dish, or typical Mumbai street food, I love it all.”

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SC: Have you ever been starstruck?

MR: “Yes, when I met Madhuri Dixit! I worked with her and I was totally taken aback.”


SC: A soundtrack that would best describe your life?

MR: *Laughs* “It’s my life – Bon Jovi.”

SC: If you could be a TV character (from a series) who would you be?

MR: “I would love to be Cam, from Modern Family.”


SC: What make-up trends do you love experimenting with?

MR: “I wouldn’t really call this a trend per-se, but I love creating a fresh and dewy face. I think it challenges me since it’s difficult to achieve. Just a pop of colour and hint of mascara adds the right amount of glam to the look!”

Make-up: Mitesh Rajani
Make-up: Mitesh Rajani

SC: What’s the weirdest thing a client has requested you to do?

MR: “I had this bride once, who asked me if I could give her a Brazilian wax. I didn’t do it, of course!”

SC: How do you feel when you’re getting a haircut or getting your coif styled by someone else?

MR: “I really like it. I leave it up to the stylist, let them do as they wish, because I personally know what how it feels when you try to control someone’s creativity. Unless something’s going awry, then I would definitely step in and point that out!”

SC: If not this career path, what would you have chosen?

MR: “I was a customer relationship manager for five years after my graduation, so if not this, I would’ve probably continued doing that.”

SC: What advice would you offer someone trying to make it in the beauty industry?

MR: “Watch carefully and observe! There’s a lot of inspiration around you. Assist a lot of artists, the right kind of people. When you assist different artists, you understand how they work with different skin types get inspired by those skills. Going from fresh-out-of beauty school, to working on an editorial won’t help you in anyway. Be patient, every individual has a different career graph, you make your own path.”

To view more of Mitesh’s work, visit his official Facebook page and Behance portfolio.