Behind the scenes: Neha Nagpal

Meet Neha Nagpal, a hairstylist who loves putting a fresh and edgy spin on classic looks and is known to flatter some of the most fashionably renowned faces in Mumbai. Responsible for the well coiffed do’s of our hot SC models at the Borough shoot, we had a chance to get to know Neha a little better.

SC: What’s your biggest junk food weakness?

NN: “French fries and burgers!”

SC: Have you ever been starstruck?

NN: “Yes, when I saw Kanye West! I just couldn’t stop staring at him.”

SC: A soundtrack that would best describe your life?

NN: “Come as you are – Nirvana.”

SC: If you could be a TV character (from a series) who would you be?

NN: “Mila Kunis, from That ’70s Show.”


SC: What’s the weirdest thing a client has requested you to do?

NN: “People follow trends blindly – once someone showed me a picture of a model and told me she would like to look exactly like that and it would not have looked good on her.”

KN7A6760 copy

SC: How do you feel when you’re getting your hair cut or styled for a change?

NN: “I’m surprisingly calm!”

SC: If not this career path, what would you have chosen?

NN: “I wanted to become an artist and paint, but I’m glad I didn’t and chose hairstyling instead! *Laughs* Not every artist is successful!”

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SC: What advice would you offer to someone who’s trying to make it in your field?

NN: “You need to have a love for this profession and have that endurance – it will only take you forward. Be true to yourself and to your job – it’s not only about making money, it’s about being sincere to your clients.”

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Book an appointment with her at the Metodo Rossano Ferretti Salon, Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, +91 22248-18006.