Best Bangs for Your Face

Many of us who tend to shy away from bangs – though we love bangs – the reason being that we have experimented with them at some point of time in our lives and have ended up with sad results; but the right bangs can uplift a boring haircut.

Round Face


You might think that bangs are not a great idea for a round face as they might make the face look fuller but with the right bangs can definition to the face. Angular, side-swept bangs are best for your face type as they create an illusion of length and add dimension by slimming your face and accentuating the cheekbones. Steer clear from wispy bangs though as they will give you a softer look and no definition.

Square Face


As this face shape is already angular, with your jaw line at par with your cheekbones. So, you need the bangs that can give you a soft look and cut the angles. For this face type wispy, angled bangs are the best while they give a peek of the forehead. Do not opt for blunt, choppy bangs as they would just make the face look more angular.

Heart Face


This face structure is similar to the square shaped face but with a pointed chin. If you have a heart-shaped face your forehead would be wider than the chin. Hence, to draw away the attention from the forehead it is best to sport side-swept bangs that end just below your eyebrows and are just tad bit longer on the sides. Avoid wide, blunt bangs as they would focus on your forehead.

 Long Face


Generally, long face structures have wide foreheads and the main aim is to give the illusion of more width than length, bangs diminish the length of the face making it appear more oval. If you have a long face structure, you can sport big, choppy bangs that would instantly cut the length of your face or you can also opt for long, side-swept bangs. Avoid short bangs that end above the brows.

 Oval Face


This is face shape is ideal for any kind of bangs. If you have an oval face structure, you can experiment as much as you want to. You can go for short, choppy bangs, long side-swept bangs, or blunt, heavy bangs. Basically, you can rock any style with bangs.