Best Places For Authentic Maharashtrian Cuisine By Bombay Bhukkad

Mumbai. You know the usual about this city, so let’s quickly note the most cliched yet true (debatable) sentiments about this land.

1. City that never sleeps aka Desi New York.

2. Land of opportunities.

3. City of dreams.

4. Bollywood Capital.

and a few more, which most of us are well versed with. However the one thing that this city unfortunately does not really stand for as the capital of Maharashtra is Maharashtrian cuisine. You must dig deep, in old school pockets that are fast fading.

Local, Maharashtrian cuisine is my goto/hangover/everyday/most loved. It’s the food I grew up eating, and schooling in Kolhapur further made this bond inseparable. Today I will focus on my favourite haunts in this city while taking the liberty to add Thane to this list which is the strongest Maharashtrian cuisine pocket in and around Mumbai.

Misal Pav: My friends from Kolhapur are bound to ridicule me for putting Misal Pav in my top five, considering I am eating it in ‘Bombay’! It’s a staple Kolhapuri breakfast item and while I am yet to find one that is exactly like the one from there, I do have a few favourites.

Mamledaar : Thane

Chan Chavdaar : Parla (E)

Chaan Chavdaar

Deshavarcha Mutton: So now ‘Deshavarcha’ is generally from the hot land belts in the state with no coastal influence. The word can loosely be translated as meat from the country side. Not going to compare or restrict a Mutton Thali strictly to Tambda/Pandhra rassa these are my top picks.

Tuljapuri : Thane

Minks : Andheri East (Saoji Cuisine)

Kolhapuri Tadka Malwani Katta : Lower Parel

Minks 1

Malwani: Again something I really enjoy. Mumbai boasts of a lot of Malwani joints right from Andheri to Fort there must be hundreds. Here I am sticking to the Goan/Malwani cuisine.

Goa Bhavan – Juhu

Sushegadh – Mahim

Ajinkya Koli Food – Andheri West

Goa Bhavam


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