Blunt Talk: Short Hairstyles For Every Face Shape!

Ever looked at someone with a pixie or a bob, wistfully, wishing you had it in you to carry it off? Ever walked into a salon, praying to the sky and back, that your hairdresser gives you a cut that doesn’t make you look like something out of The Hobbit? If you answered in the affirmative to even one of the above questions, SC comes to your rescue yet again. Read on to identify the perfect short crop for your face shape.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you’re in luck! The pixie cut was essentially made for your face! Go for the classic pixie if you have naturally thick hair. For fine hair, opt for the stylish bob with side swept bangs. Key is to draw attention away from your chin and highlight those gorgeous cheekbones. Try and keep the top layers long and soft and avoid harsh choppy layers.




If you have a square-shaped face, play down the strong jaw. Try a gradual bob, shorter at the back and longer on the front, say about 1-2 inches below the chin. Your safest bet would be a long bob. Texture is key; hence curls and choppy ends work in your favor. Avoid anything chin-length and bangs is a big no-no.

Keira Knightley bob hairstyle

If you have a round-shaped face, you would want to create the illusion of a longer leaner visage. Long bobs with long side swept bangs work best if you have fine hair. The trick is to create less volume around the face, keep the layers soft and graduated and the bangs long and side swept.


If you have an oblong-shaped face, bangs is the way to go. They make the forehead look smaller, and they are just plain fun! A chin length bob works best for you, because it adds width to the face. Make sure to go shorter at the back so that it doesn’t look too mundane. Definitely avoid the extremes, like a skull-capping pixie.


If you have an oval-shaped face, take a minute to gloat in front of the mirror. You have the most versatile shape, and just about anything and everything looks good on you. Now come back down to earth, because let’s face it, even you have had those bad haircut days that you have tried to hide with a hat (which was even worse than the haircut). Coming back to the business in hand, the great thing is you can experiment from a whole wide range of cuts; from the classier sophisticated bob to the edgier punk-rockin’ pixie. 




If you don’t want to try the short crop, fret not! Just check out our previous post and find out which hairstyle is perfect for your face shape.