You can finally do this on Instagram!!!

Just another notification added to the endless.

If our minds were as innovative as the founders of Instagram, we sure would have conquered the world today. Unfortunately, we aren’t and Instagram’s to compensate. Amidst the rut of face recognition and tagging options over social media, another feather has been added to the Instagram hat- through their feature called ‘Stories’. You can now mention people even in your Instagram Stories!

Here’s how..


Did you just click a story that’s directed towards someone? Simply mention their Instagram handle, for them to know! Switch to typing mode once you’ve click the picture, type ‘@’ and the person’s Instagram handle to mention (tag) them in the story. Incentive enough, just how the mentioning drill works on your usual Instagram posts, suggestions would also appear while mentioning on Insta stories too. Click on the right suggestion and voila!

How will my friends know that I’ve mentioned them in the story?

Once your Insta story goes live (with your friend mentioned in it), Instagram will send a direct message to him to inform him that he’s been tagged (through a mention).

But of course there’s something exclusive for a few users..

If you’re a verified user of Instagram (with a blue tick on your account), you can also include clickable links in your Insta story.

But here’s the most exciting bit of the update!


We’re from a generation of stalkers and let’s admit it, we love knowing who’s who. Found someone cute at a friend’s birthday party but didn’t gather the courage to approach him/her this quick. Their Instagram handle would probably be tagged in the birthday boy’s Insta story, so click on the tag and make a move. Disclaimer: We’re not establishing Instagram as the new Tinder!

Wonder how Snapchat got left behind this time?





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