Can You Guess Which High Street Store Will Soon Be Available Online?

It’s Zara! Sorry, I thought I’d drag this out a bit and keep you guessing until at least the second paragraph of this post. But I’m so excited I can hardly type straight. Zara came to us in India before the Forever21s and H&Ms of the world, and we’ve always been grateful.

For years, the high street store has been that one-stop-shop for pretty much any kind of outfit you’re looking for. I find myself heading there to pick up everything – from lounge and everyday wear to clothes for a fancy night out. So it’s safe to say I pay them a visit every few weeks.

When I opened their website this morning to add yet another 10 things to my wish list, I was pleasantly surprised with a sign that read: Shop Online, Coming Soon

The date to mark is the 4th of October and once everyone knows, I’m pretty sure the website will crash on day 1.

In the meantime, here are a few things I’ll be adding to my cart as soon as the site is live: