Cara Delevingne is addicted to THIS..

Spring/Summer’14 has Delevingne’s heart.

If you were expecting food addictions or a poison-induced reveal, we’re unfortunately (fortunately) referring to one of the supermodel’s biggest style deets. Dowdy turned chic and unpretentious made easy, the word-crept of S/S 14, NORMCORE‘s been Cara’s obsession, addiction and guilty pleasure since years (though with a 2016 update). Here’s going down the memory lane of her non-style chalance!

Here’s how to embrace the groundbreaking aesthetic too, but without looking ‘uncool’!

Make maximalism your mistress!

While keeping minimalist love alive.


If you’ve been to fashion school or maybe even not, know that ‘statements’ are key to a stand-out look. From neckpieces to pyjamas (as seen here), maximal impact will take you the extra mile. However, impactful doesn’t mean visual horror. Minimal, minimal, maximal, neutrals- stick to this order from top to bottom!

Let sunnies spearhead.

While the clothes represent ‘jughead’.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 19: Model Cara Delevingne is seen on November 19, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by NCP/Star Max/FilmMagic)

Equip the rags with cool-age sunnies, to put even the noble sun to shame. While you’re playing the part of a judgemental being, your chronology of vision is just as expected- begins with the face and ends at the bottom. If you kickstart with modern eyewear, trust the verdict to land in your favour!

And choose the grungy, bumpy route.

’cause a leather jacket or two is pro-glamour.


Embrace springy florals and you’d have biker jackets in tow. Though a sloppy, casual vibe could be easy to achieve- lines and silhouettes complete the look! Let some distressed details not stress you anymore.


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