Your One-Stop Guide To Prepping For Holi This Year

Holi as a festival is great and all until you’re left scrubbing a deep shade of purple off your eyebrows. While we all love splashing everyone with a mix of colours and water, the after-effects can be a bit brutal, unless you’ve prepped for it. Of course you can avoid spending 3450274 hours (I exaggerate, you know this by now) in the shower practically scrubbing the skin off your body if you just follow a few tips.

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3 Easy Hairstyles That Will Make Sure You’re Always On Time

Getting dressed and ready to go to work every morning is an excruciating process. The already mind-numbing task feels even more painful on a Monday and exceptionally hard when you’re having a bad hair day. Once the process is finally done, you head to work only to realise you’re late – super duper late!
For years my hair was the reason I showed up late to a bunch of events.

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5 Restaurants Your Fitness Trainer Will Approve Of

Getting fit these days has become something of a trend. Everywhere you look, people are wearing sports clothes, eating healthy and just generally trying to stay fit. The one important thing you need to know about a workout is that once you’re done, you need to eat right. Proteins, yes, but basically a wholesome meal.
Of course you could make yourself an egg salad at home,

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Rashi Chowdhary for ‘The Protein Bake Shop, Mumbai’

Looking at revving up your boring snack time? Healthy and delicious with wallops of protein, we’re all for the future of clean eating. Rashi Chowdhary, Owner, The Protein Bake Shop, Mumbai shows us how!

STYLECRACKER: The Protein Bake Shop is an incredible concept. 
Rashi Chowdhary: “I couldn’t find a single healthy dessert on the shelves worth eating and without elevating your body sugar levels.

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Monday Mantra by Archana Walavalkar

In this week’s ‘Monday Mantra’, Archana, Creative Director and Co-Founder of StyleCracker traces her fitness journey with a special collaboration with Nike.

While you yearn to get home, place yourself on the couch and spend the rest of the evening watching a sitcom, Archana Walavalkar does the contrary. “No matter how tired I am and no matter what time I finish shooting,

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One Day Food Detox for 2017

Flush out those excessive poisons! Time to trust our bodies with their natural-detoxifying systems, eating the right food and drinking gallons of water. StyleCracker helps decide a day in your life for a super-easy food detox you clearly need!

One cup chopped kale or baby spinach
One tablespoon chia seeds
One cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice)
One and a half cups of frozen mixed berries
Half a frozen banana
One or two teaspoons of light agave
Half a banana,

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