Monday Mantra by Archana Walavalkar

In this week’s ‘Monday Mantra’, Archana, Creative Director and Co-Founder of StyleCracker traces her fitness journey with a special collaboration with Nike.

While you yearn to get home, place yourself on the couch and spend the rest of the evening watching a sitcom, Archana Walavalkar does the contrary. “No matter how tired I am and no matter what time I finish shooting,

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One Day Food Detox for 2017

Flush out those excessive poisons! Time to trust our bodies with their natural-detoxifying systems, eating the right food and drinking gallons of water. StyleCracker helps decide a day in your life for a super-easy food detox you clearly need!

One cup chopped kale or baby spinach
One tablespoon chia seeds
One cup unsweetened almond milk (or milk of your choice)
One and a half cups of frozen mixed berries
Half a frozen banana
One or two teaspoons of light agave
Half a banana,

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Countdown to New Year’s Eve (Week 1): A 30-day fitness plan for a better you!

It’s official! You have exactly ONE MONTH to look smokin’ hot in that slinky LBD on NYE. You’re in luck because we have seven foolproof, SC tried-and-tested ways to get you there each week. Just stick to our weekly fitness calendar and you can thank us later!
Day 1: Switch to Detox Water.

Tyra Banks
Instagram: @Tyrabanks

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Get Runway Legs

Let the green-eyed monster take over your girlfriends as you meet them for brunch in your saccharine summer dress; baring those perfect pair of coquettish legs. Now, to receive admiration for a perfect pair of gleaming legs, some effort would have to come in from you.

Be ready to give your legs a bit of a workout;

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Hangover Cures That Work!

The holiday season has just got over, and some of us find ourselves walking around like zombies, nursing killer hangovers. After the awesome New Year parties, nobody wants to deal with the witch of a nausea that usually hits after some crazy nights. SC here has put down the ultimate guide to overthrowing after-party nausea/ fatigue and hangovers.

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10 New Year Resolutions To Make And Apps To Help You Achieve Them

2015 is a day away and many of us are still struggling with our list of resolutions this year. New Year resolutions are the yearly reminder of so many previously unfulfilled promises to self, and nobody wants to lose to these resolutions yet again this year! So Team SC made a list of pretty do-able resolutions and mobile apps to help you achieve them.

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