SC Inside Out | 5 Different Ways to Style A Denim Skirt

Last week I stumbled upon a denim skirt that I had kept away in my wear-again-someday closet and it actually made me happy to rediscover it! I had completely forgotten about its existence and it actually gave me the same feeling that shopping for a new item usually does. Recycling our own wardrobe is the new retail therapy at the moment and conscious buying is the need of the hour.

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SC Inside Out | 10 Local Jewellery Brands We’re Loving RN

Just like clothes, every person has a distinct jewellery style. Some people like it edgy and ornate while others prefer more delicate and subtle styles. I for one belong to the latter. Not one to experiment much with everyday jewellery, I gravitate towards simple timeless styles, monochromatic looks and minimalistic designs, usually with an Indian twist.

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SC Inside Out | 5 Instagram Style Hacks We Can’t Wait To Try

Instagram is a great place to be. If you’re ever looking for inspiration; lifestyle, food, style or pretty much anything – you’ll find it on Instagram. As a longstanding loyalist, I’ve posted my fair share of #ootds to the ‘gram. I’m one of those girls who will conjure up an occasion out of thin air just to wear that new outfit I bought.

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SC Inside Out | Mom Jeans: Why They Are Your New Best Friend

I have been a skinny jeans addict my whole life. Being on the petite side, skinny jeans were my go-to for literally everything, as it made me look more toned (without working out, so win-win), and fit like a dream.
I flirted with the idea of a different fit every time I went shopping, trying everything from a flare to a boyfriend to a straight cut pair (my least favourite).

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SC Inside Out | Diary Of A White Tee Addict

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a uniform. White tee, jeans, flats and an oversized tote. It’s a combination I’ve worn countless number of times but somehow it manages to look different – every. single. time. The concept was somehow seeded when I was a teenager. “Mom! I have no clothes, what do I wear?” Which prompted my mother to tell me to look harder,

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