5 Dresses You Can Wear To Work This Summer

It’s only mid-March but Summer seems to have arrived with full force. As we brace ourselves for the heat and humidity, it’s important to give your closet an update as well. You don’t want to see cardigans when the weather calls for crop tops, right? When planning your outfits for the office, it might feel like nothing has to change (what with the sub-zero temperatures they maintain at work) and you can still wear your black pant-suit to a meeting.

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See What International Influencers Are Wearing To Fashion Week This Season

Fashion week always brings out a more stylish side of people. Not only do you see a wave of innovation on the runway, very often, you find styles you’d like to try off it as well. We already follow all our favourite home-grown influencers and keep an eye on what they’re doing and wearing. But fashion week is an event that takes place all over the world.

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The Last Two Days At Lakmé Fashion Week Were Glamorous AF!

A majority of the first three days at Lakmé Fashion Week was all about simple, easy-to-wear silhouettes in light fabrics – all perfect for your summer wardrobe. But the last two days took a 180 degree turn. Yes the clothes were still summer-appropriate, but the embroidery got heavier and suddenly you were left craving a new festive wardrobe for the summer too.

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