SC Inside Out | 5 Different Ways to Style A Denim Skirt

Last week I stumbled upon a denim skirt that I had kept away in my wear-again-someday closet and it actually made me happy to rediscover it! I had completely forgotten about its existence and it actually gave me the same feeling that shopping for a new item usually does. Recycling our own wardrobe is the new retail therapy at the moment and conscious buying is the need of the hour.

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SC Inside Out | 10 Local Jewellery Brands We’re Loving RN

Just like clothes, every person has a distinct jewellery style. Some people like it edgy and ornate while others prefer more delicate and subtle styles. I for one belong to the latter. Not one to experiment much with everyday jewellery, I gravitate towards simple timeless styles, monochromatic looks and minimalistic designs, usually with an Indian twist.

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SC Inside Out | 5 Instagram Style Hacks We Can’t Wait To Try

Instagram is a great place to be. If you’re ever looking for inspiration; lifestyle, food, style or pretty much anything – you’ll find it on Instagram. As a longstanding loyalist, I’ve posted my fair share of #ootds to the ‘gram. I’m one of those girls who will conjure up an occasion out of thin air just to wear that new outfit I bought.

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SC Inside Out | Diary Of A White Tee Addict

Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a uniform. White tee, jeans, flats and an oversized tote. It’s a combination I’ve worn countless number of times but somehow it manages to look different – every. single. time. The concept was somehow seeded when I was a teenager. “Mom! I have no clothes, what do I wear?” Which prompted my mother to tell me to look harder,

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SC Inside Out | Sustainable Fashion – Everything You Need to Know Now!

Did you know? 

A single t-shirt and jeans you wear takes up to 20,000 litres of water to produce. 
100,000 marine animals are killed each year by plastic waste, including microfibers which are used to make cheap clothing. 
60% of all clothes used end up in the landfill within a year. 
A single synthetic garment can generate more than 1900 indigestible,

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