SC Inside Out | 7 Women, 7 Fabulous #WFH Outfits

With the world going into lockdown and people having to stay indoors, working from home (#WFH) has become the new normal. This slowing down of pace has changed the way people dress, veering more towards relaxed, comfy silhouettes, whilst still keeping stylish. Be it the trusted trackie or our all-time favourite white t-shirt; some of our favourite girls share their #WFH looks –

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SC Inside Out | Travelling Through Time – Trends From The Past We Are Dreaming Of

Where do you look when you’re in need of some serious fashion inspiration? For me, I turn to my favourite TV shows and the extremely stylish women they feature. Although all my favourite shows are set in a different era (coincidence much?), they all have great trends that can easily be adapted to modern times. (thank you Pinterest!)
Betty Draper on Mad Men
The white sunglasses.

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5 Warp ‘N Weft Brides We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

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Ever since it’s inception, Warp ‘n Weft has been the brand synonymous with Benarasi weaves. They’re known for their sustainable processes as well as conserving handloom traditions and it’s safe to say, each and every one of their pieces is a labor of love and meticulously made.
While scrolling through their Instagram and making mental notes for some of our own wedding days,

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