Cheat On That Diet! You Need To Try This New Candy Today

Answer this: Do you like candy? Do you like chocolate? Do you like candy-floss? Was your reply ‘yes’ to all three? What if we told you we found a hybrid and it tastes like the absolute bomb? Nope, this isn’t a drill! Say hello to BooBoo Candy – it’s like a whole new world of candy, you haven’t even tried yet.

Different flavours of chocolate come filled with a mouth-watering cotton candy surprise, and that’s not even all they have. We actually blindfolded Team StyleCracker and had them try all the different variations, here’s what they thought:

Let’s take you through some of our favourites from their menu of products:

Strawberry Cotton Candy

If you always find yourself craving strawberries and cream, here’s something that’ll give you that taste all year long. Add it to a milkshake or just have it as is!

Cocoa Cotton Candy

Is there anything chocolate can’t make better? This makes for the perfect bit of sweetness you need after a meal.

Coffee Cotton Candy

Here’s how you can give your cup of coffee a twist, at home! Make your coffee and just add a dollop of this Coffee Cotton Candy, it’s the perfect amount of froth and the right amount of sweet – think some of that tiramisu goodness!

Vanilla Cotton Candy

Their vanilla cotton candy is anything but basic! Craving a freak-shake? Add some of this to any flavour of milkshake you’re having that day – vanilla tastes good with everything!

You can find BooBoo Candy at the StyleCracker Night Market today and tomorrow at Khar Gymkhana, 4pm to midnight!