Here are some cool new ways to contour your face

Contouring and highlighting are like peanut butter and jelly, and like every healthy relationship they’re a tad bit competitive. Highlighters have upped their game and added magic to our make up bags with the unique unicorn luminizers, so we obviously did expect the contouring game to go from a 0 to 100 real quick. We’ve already established that makeup is art and eye shadows at times look like they’re out of Picasso’s Museum. And now contouring is so extra it’s almost impossible to replicate it. Here are 7 times contouring went totally overboard, so unnecessary yet so GOOD.


Henna Contour

We can’t even deal with the precision one requires to create these beautiful henna patterns on the face, and the thought of blending all those lines out is already making us weep. We reckon you give this a try only if you’re a brave heart.


Clown Contour

Clowns might be funny, but this creative contouring technique isn’t. It seriously shows off the power of makeup and is super fun to create. Go wild with colours and abstract geometrical patterns, to then blend it all in for a flawless look of the day.


Sugar Skull Contour

Going for easy peasy lemon squeezy, then this is definitely not for you. Got loads of time and want to take an Instagram selfie to impress your crush, then you go girl. Pro tip: doubles up as Halloween makeup.


Dot Contour

Want to look like one of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art masterpieces? Grab your brushes and foundation, its time to dot on. Pro tip: we recommend you leave the reds and bright yellows out.


Tape Contour

Masking your face with scotch tape for those on fleek lines seems easy right? Well the makeup gurus have been doing it so we guess. Perfect for those days when you have a glass of wine in one hand and your bronzing tools in another, because, “ I was stuck in traffic” is an excuse your friends just won’t buy.

Tape method contour by @hudabeauty ????????????

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Puzzle Contour

Special shout-out to the creator of this very brilliant idea for drawing on a perfectly fitting puzzle and probably blending her life away, to look on point.


Cheetah Contour

Attending your little siblings 2nd birthday party, to going glam with the magic dabs of your beauty blender done right.

Love this one too ???? @nicolconcilio cheetah contour! "Shining Star" lashes #vegasnaylashes @eylureofficial

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