Clever ways to organize your closet

Swimming through piles of clothes every morning only to find nothing to wear – been there, done that! Well, ladies, we have our tried and tested hacks to get you through every day dressing dilemmas.

Spring cleaning


While walk-in closets are a dreamy yet rare concept in India, we have to work with whatever little space we have allotted – our first step towards glory? De-cluttering!

Start with a closet cleanse – take everything out! Lay it all over your bed, if something is never going to fit you again, treat it like an ex-lover, don’t be hungover that item of clothing, accept that you had good times together and move on. Don’t hold onto that cute tank top even though it’s faded and has a hole in it that you try to hide every time you wear it. In the words of the famous Frozen song ‘Let it go! Let it go!’

On SC's wishlist, a California closet!
On SC’s wishlist, a California closet!

Release your inner OCD goddess

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Get organized! Unleash your inner Monica Geller (or Sheldon Cooper) and segregate clothing into three categories; tops, bottoms and dresses. Which would further get divided into;

Tops – Party wear, casuals and formals (for those of you who work at corporates),

Bottoms – Denims, party wear trousers, casual bottoms (pallazos, culottes) and joggers,

Dresses – From short styles, to long maxis and jumpsuits (in that order).


After which, you could organize them by colour! SC Stylists Snigdha and Niyati, both prefer organizing their garments in a gradient colour pattern (from light to dark). SC Stylist Snigdha says, “This works well to match my mood for the day, almost like a mood ring, one day if I’m feeling down, I’ll wear a brighter hue to cheer me up, the other day, I’ll want to tone things down and wear something darker and I can find it easily without creating a mess!”

“I’m very OCD when it comes to my closet, the tops need to face me on the folding edge and my dresses need to hang on satin hangers so they don’t snag and rip a few threads”, says Niyati.

Storage solutions                           

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1. Get baskets to put your lingerie and delicates, so you can easily slide them out when needed.

2. Store items used often higher in drawers, get dividers to separate accessories.


3. Hang the things you’ve been ignoring – if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.

4. Roll denims into tubes to create more space – this is how we roll all our clothes when packing for a trip.


5. Get cloth zipper bags for traditional wear and fold butter paper between sarees.

6. Have your carpenter install shower hooks to hang your bags and belts.


7. Place your comfortable shoes in a wine box and heels in cloth bags with paper stuffed at the sole to maintain their shape.

Lastly, don’t be a closet case, have fun with it! Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be a laborious task.

Feel free to share some of your favourite DIY tricks in the comments below.