Closet Staples for All Seasons

Some basic must-haves in our closet save our asses on lazy days or on times when we are running late and can’t spare a minute for fashion. In our fast paced lifestyles, having a few closet staples that are classics and work for every season can go a long way. 

Why you should spend on closet basics?

In today’s rush hour one must be a smart shopper. On an important day it’s better to be simple and right than fashionable and wrong. If your best friend is busy and your internet is down here is a list of closet basics that our SC Stylists suggest that you must have in your wardrobe all round the year.

A basic white Tee

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A well fitted pair of Denims

Blue Jeans 16

A black Tank

black tank 7 black tank 8

A damage control LBD


A ticking pair of nude Heels

tan heel 7

A classic white button-down shirt

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A go-to Leather Jacket

jacket 2

A crisp, formal Blazer

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There are a lot of reasons why they make it to the list of your top fashion investments and you should spend on them carefully and pick out the best ones available in the market.

  • They can be used around the year in all seasons.
  • They can never go wrong. These staples will save you from making a fashion faux pas whenever in doubt.
  • They are versatile. Permutation combinations are endless.
  • Will save your day, easy to style when in a rush or when in doubt.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Immortal.  Always in trend.
  • Can be worn for all kinds of styles. (glam, boho, girly, edgy, timeless, sporty).
  • Their lifespan is long hence you don’t have to keep buying them every 2 months.

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