ColourPop’s New Launch Is All About Those Good Vibes

For those of you who don’t know, ColourPop is only one of the coolest beauty brands out there. IMO, they have some of the most amazing products, even better packaging and all at prices that don’t come close to breaking the bank – go ahead, make me their spokesperson already!

Their matte lipsticks are global favourites and their base and eye products will truly amaze you. They have pretty much every shade you can imagine.

Recently, ColourPop launched a set of nail polishes for the first time. All in fantasy inspired shades with names like Pixie-lated and I Wand It That Way, to match. But what really has me excited is their latest crushed crystal collection.

Yes, ColourPop is a beauty brand and no, they don’t do jewellery as well. Their crush crystals collection comes with sets of facial sprays, liquid highlighters and lip balms all loaded with crystals and pearls – which means you’re really going to glow!

You can pick between Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Aventurine and even get singles for whatever products you want so you attract those good vibes from all of them!

Here’s a quick recap of all the products from the collection and everything you need to know:

And as for me? I’ll be spending my day on their website picking out practically everything – yes, they deliver Internationally!