Comfort food can also be healthy

Comfort food; not just for comfort anymore!

Are you curbing your urge to binge on some comfort food to soothe your break up blues? Not anymore! Comfort food has had a healthy makeover; so don’t think twice now, before plunging into such eating sessions!

Here is how your comfort food can get health-conscious!


Image result for VEGGIe mac and cheese

Keep the recipe original while reducing the cheese content a bit and adding a heap of vegetables to it. Spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, tomato – throw them all in!


Image result for healthy pizza

Ditch the authentic pizza bread for a whole-wheat crust or a tortilla base instead. Pile on some veggies and opt for a strong-flavoured cheese so the piling on here can take a step back.


Image result for sweet potato fries

Change nothing but the potato! Swap your same old potato with its sweet sister! Sweet potatoes have a way lesser starch content.


Image result for whole grain grilled cheese

To make the classic grilled cheese a bit healthier; take whole-grain bread and add a slice of flavoured high quality cheese in the mix! While toasting, keep butter/oil away and toast them in a dry pan. To go an extra mile, add some salads to the side!


Image result for yogurt and fruits pancakes

Hold off the maple syrups and nutella! Instead, layer them up with Greek yogurt, and chopped fruits.


Image result for banana ice cream sundae

We’re serious. Ice-cream sundae can indeed be healthy! Just swap the regular ice-cream with banana ice-cream instead and drizzle it with fresh fruit, roasted nut topping, pure dark chocolate or natural peanut butter!



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