Confessions Of A Screen Queen

You may have try a lot harder to get that smokin’ bod but Lisa Haydon’s hair care ritual is pretty simple and city-life friendly. As a Pantene user, this new-age beauty icon spills her hair secrets to Style Cracker.

“I believe that when you’re strong, beautiful, fit and healthy on the inside, everything just follows suit on the outside. Pantene penetrates to the core of your hair nourishing it from the inside and your hair just looks beautiful and shiny on the outside.”

“I’m not one for hair spas. I would rather just follow a simple regime of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.”

“I don’t wash my hair everyday. But rather every two to three days. I feel it falls better this way.”

Lisa Haydon for Pantene 3

“As a model and actress your hair is constantly subjected to rigorous styling and an array of products which leads to hair damage. So I tackle hair damage by opting for something that’s Keratin rich and which can add the proper moisture that my hair needs.”

“Don’t overuse any product, because I feel that less is more. If you just nourish your hair properly, strengthening it from within then you’re pretty much taken care of. You don’t need to work on going to the hair dresser regularly and blow drying your hair. Strong, healthy hair just falls nicely and gracefully with bounce.”

“Diet plays an important role and helps to achieve healthy and beautiful hair. It’s important to eat healthy and ensure that you are consuming all the necessary nutrients. I always follow a balanced diet comprising a lot of salads and juices. I generally start my day with a fruit.”

Lisa Haydon for Pantene 1

“I swear by conditioner. I used to swim as a child and at that time I really had long thick unruly hair and I was just never happy with the texture and the colour of the hair. It was very time consuming at that age to wash your hair every night. One day my mom bought me and my four sisters a Pantene conditioner when we went to the club and we were like oh-my-god our hair feels so good! Conditioner has been my savior ever since.”

“A tip I’ve picked up from hair stylists is that they generally prefer working with oily hair. Not oily scalp but they like the weight in the hair. When the hair is washed it’s tougher to style as it’s so light so they generally have to add wax or gel to add the weight.”

“On a bad hair day, I tie my hair up in a high ponytail. I sometimes use a serum to keep flyaways in place.”

“I use a broad bristle brush to brush my hair every day because it distributes the moisture all the way down to the tips of your hair.”

Pantene Total Damage Care 10

Lisa Haydon uses Pantene Total Damage Care shampoo, Rs 155 and conditioner, Rs 129