The Cool Guide To What You Need To Do In Ahmedabad

You’ll be surprised at how much Ahmedabad has to offer when it comes to recreation. India’s largest city is also known for being a dry state but that doesn’t mean the people who live here don’t know how to have fun.

We spoke to 5 Ahmedabadi influencers who gave us the inside scoop on what all the cool people in Ahmedabad do when they’re not working. And apart from some legendary house parties, there are a bunch of restaurants, shopping and sightseeing you need to do when you’re in town.

Anokhi Shah

The one place you can’t miss out on when you’re in Ahmedabad is Vishalla for dinner. The outdoor restaurant serves authentic Gujarati food – and no, it doesn’t get better than this anywhere else.

Anokhi recommends cycling at Riverfront and doing the heritage walk from the House Of MG. And if you have a sweet tooth, Ahmedabad is known for it’s freshly churned ice creams. Try them at Derani Jethani, Shankar, Swati and Patel.

Sanjana Shah

If you’re in to board games and even real life gaming, Sanjana suggests you head to Unlocked Cafe. With a yummy menu and as many games as you could possibly imagine, this will have you entertained all weekend long.

Radhika Bhuptani

The best place for a cup of delicious coffee in Ahmedabad has got to be Café Natrani.

Sometimes, in the darkest places, our soul finds the brightest lights #hope #faith

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Radhika also suggests you head to Law Garden for some junk jewellery and grab a truffle pizza at Huber & Holly.

Shaili Mehta

A vegetable market in the morning, Manek Chowk turns into a street food market at night and is open all the way till 4am. Shailee also recommends taking a heritage walk and ending it with breakfast at Chandravilas.

Darshini Nagri

As a World Heritage City, Ahmedabad has a bunch of historic places you can’t miss when you’re there. Adalaj Stepwell, Sidi Saiyed’s Mosque, Teen Darwaza and Sarkhej Roza are Darshini’s favourites!

And finally, one thing these five ladies will definitely recommend for the 1st of September is the StyleCracker Loft. 13 handpicked designers will be showcasing their latest collections at Mangaldas Bungalow and it’s something you just can’t afford to miss! RSVP here.