The Coolest Fashion Bloggers To Look Out For In 2015

While the glossies provide most of our fashion inspiration, Fashion Bloggers in India have grown to be the real deal in the past couple of years. There are several cool blogs that you should be keeping an eye on for style inspiration, but SC rounded up the coolest 5 bloggers to watch out for in 2015.

Kayaan and Shereen of Love And Other Bugs

Kayaan Contractor and Shereen Sikka have been best friends since forever and even though their personal styles are so different from each other, it all comes together perfectly in their blog. While Shereen is the uber-chic diva, Kayaan’s style is more free-spirited. Follow their blog for the ultimate style inspirations!


Rhea Gupte of FUSS – Fashion Unzipped

Rhea Gupte entered the world of fashion when she first modelled at the age of 16. She uses the blog as a creative visual space to display her personal style diary. Her style is very contemporary chic, therefore being awesome inspiration for fashion enthusiasts all over!



Gia Kashyap of GiaSaysThat 

Gia’s sassy, ultra femme style is just what we need this year, after last two seasons being all about the sporty. Follow her blog to pick up great styling and beauty tips this year.


Akanksha Redhu of

When she is not busy blogging, she is making accessories for her brand, ‘CIRARE’. Akanksha’s blog started out in 2009 as a space for self expression but now it has evolved into a full blown fashion and lifestyle playground.


Jasleen and Sonu of Fashion Bombay

Just two stylish BFFs, taking on the city together. These stylists believe in recyclable, affordable fashion. The articles they write propagate their thoughts articulately. Check out their blog, if your style sensibilities are fun and casual.



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