Crazyheart at the StyleCracker Pod

Crazyheart is a Jaipur-based concept brand for women’s clothing and artwork. Designed by NIFT Mumbai graduate Ruchi Jain, this collection features bold and edgy designs. Punk, Boho, Gypsy and Glam all rolled into one, Crazyheart is a patron of unapologetic style.

The designer talks to StyleCracker about her latest range and the thought behind her label.

SC – How did you come up with the idea of Crazyheart?
Ruchi – Crazyheart as a brand that reflects free spirit. It’s for people who think from the heart. As a name Crazyheart gives me the freedom to explore beyond boundaries. It’s like a state of mind (or heart).

SC – What is your inspiration for this season’s collection?
Ruchi – Living in Rajasthan, I am constantly getting inspired by the traditional textiles and colors. This collection is close to home. It’s a journey towards realising and learning the beautiful art of tie and dye and using them with unconventional, eclectic silhouettes.


SC – 5 people you would love to see wearing Crazyheart?
Ruchi – M.I.A , Gwen Stefani.. Girls who skate and cut hair.

SC – How would you describe your own style?
Ruchi – My style is a mix of bohemian and punk and maybe a dash of something else once in a while. But I swear by combat boots and comfort clothing more than anything else.

SC – If Crazyheart was a girl, what would she be like?
Ruchi – She’d be free. She would be spontaneous and adventurous. She would travel to explore the world and it’s different cultures. She would be confident, and happy but always wanting to learn more.

StyleCracker chose Ruchi Jain’s Crazyheart for the SC Pod, our daily pop-up at Olive Bar & Kitchen, because we loved their fun prints and quirky designs. The range is an amazing and balanced fusion of traditional tie and dye with contemporary chic silhouettes. Here’s the SC Stylist’s Pick from the collection.

Jacket & Shorts set (₹ 4500)