D.I.Y: Say goodbye to acne!

Acne – the mother of all problems. Hormones, chocolates, cheese fries, blame it on anything; blackheads seem to have claimed a permanent residence on your face. We, at SC, empathize deeply! Read on to know some at-home solutions that can help avert the problem.



Touted as one of the best sources of protein, eggs have a ton of beauty benefits as well. While the yolks make for a nourishing hair mask, the whites aren’t so useless either. Before you begin to cringe at the thought of smelly eggs all over your face, read on to see what a great job they do at extracting blackheads without any pain of an extractor!

You’ll need:

Warm water,

A washcloth,

The white on of one egg,

A flat brush (sanitize an old paint brush with apple cider vinegar or use a fan makeup brush),

Facial Tissue paper (just one).


What you need to do: 

Wash your face with a salicylic based cleanser and pat dry. After your face is completely dry, soak a washcloth in warm water and compress your face with the cloth, this will help open-up the pores. One you feel your face has begun to get a little red from the warm compresses, stop and move on the next step.

Using the flat brush, dip it in the egg white and start applying a very thin layer of it on your face (especially on the blackhead prone areas). Now grab the facial tissue and separate the ply (facial tissues are usually two ply) tear and place it over the egg white layer while it’s still wet. Wait for it a dry a little and go over the tissue with another thin layer of egg white.

Wait for 10minutes. Watch some TV and make sure you don’t scare anyone with your face!


Now, notice if the tissue is ready to peel from the sides, like you would check a dosa would be ready to flip from the edges once heated on a pan. Now gently peel the tissue out and notice the blackheads on the tissue. Whoever said “there’s no gain without pain”, didn’t know this recipe!

Honey, I’m nuts over you!


Make like a bee and swarm over to that jar of honey in your kitchen – its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it vitally essential for any acne face mask. Add to that, some nutmeg and cinnamon, and you have there a potent mixture that will annihilate acne like a boss!

You’ll need:

Natural honey (the darkest kinds are natural),

Powdered cinnamon,

A nutmeg (tell your grocer you need some Jaifal),

A bowl and teaspoon to mix.

Everybody knows the beauty benefits of a honey face mask!
Everybody knows the beauty benefits of a honey face mask!

What you need to do: 

In and empty bowl, add a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of crushed cinnamon and tsp of nutmeg – mix until you reach a pasty dark brown mixture. Do a warm water compress (like the previous recipe), and now apply the mixture with your fingers all over your face, keeping it off the eye area and lips. Massage the mixture very gently for about 20seconds and let the mask sit for another 7-10minutes.

After 10minutes, wash the mask off using lukewarm water and a washcloth if necessary.

Voilà, Your skin is glowing like the moon! The Nutmeg and Cinnamon act as warm exfoliants – using this face mask once a week is going to assure some glowing acne-free skin in a month!


Which face mask do you plan to try?