Decoding City Style: Kolkata

With designers and fashionistas sprouting exponentially in Kolkata, the style quotient of the city is unique to its own cultural back up and contemporary fusion. The city is recognised for its rich cultural heritage and known for the striking beauty in Bengalis apart from their intellect. Kolkatans love to put their own spin on the fashion trends and we find that utterly charming!

Neha Panda
Neha Panda

Kolkatans generally clad in sarees for workwear until a few years ago, but the new generation prefers western formal wear with their own fascinatingly chic twist.

sneha ghosh
Sneha Ghosh

The major part of the womenfolk comprises of students and their style is contemporary urban. Its looks simple, yet uniquely their own.

Partying is not limited to weekends, weekdays are equally important to put on that little black dress and some hot red lip colour and a pair of sky high heels.

aleena banerjee
Aleena Banerjee
Naha Panda
Neha Panda

All the pretty ladies in Kolkata know how to party and definitely know how to look sizzling.

When it comes to festivals, Kolkata is the best place to be for fun and fashion mixed in with tradition. Everyone is dressed their best. From traditional clothes to wearing shorts, they rock it all.

Tanumita Ghosh
Tanumita Ghosh

Kolkata fashion week is a major part of the city’s events. The runway ramps are crucial for all the fashionistas and budding fashion stars.

Bipasha Basu

Winter is one of the best time of the year, in terms of fashion, food, carnivals. In one phrase, it never gets boring in the city of joy.

And if you are not aware, the Kolkatans recently showed their true spirit of unity and love for their own city and rights through a non violent protest #Hokkolorob in JU, and the power of youth stands strong undefeated.




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