We are on 4th day of LFW and the designers’ ingenuity have us impressed. A continuation of the designer’s creativity off ramp; the stalls at The Source are a work of art by themselves. Bold installations, subtle motifs or innovative displays are just some of the concepts on display. Here are a few stalls that caught our eye!


1. Debashri Samanta—Her house motifs finds a place of pride at her stall. White cutout houses perched in a precarious pile, hanging from clotheslines and replicated on her bright cheerful garments, make this a visual delight.


2.Papa Don’t Preach – Bold with gold and neon, the stall demands your attention. Her accessories are framed on the wall by neon, ornate frames that compliment her set up perfectly.


3.Sneha Arora – Her love for Indigo translates into her collection and in the stall décor. She has beautifully recreated the dying workshop space with an industrial touch by using pipes as racks. The dye mixing beakers and inkwells are a special detail.


4.Tilla – He impressed us with his collection and then we fell in love with the simplicity of his décor. Streams of cotton balls tied together, dried leaves around the table and warm lighting—the raw raw-natural aspects at the stall are beautiful and so appealing.

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