Desk to Date night transitions we love

You have to work until late and have to meet a date in the evening, but of course, you have no time to change outfits. Fret not. We will give you the magic wand that would help transform into Cinderella in a jiffy.

Forsake The Blazer


date 3

date 6

Pair your blazer or a long waistcoat with a cute strappy top in the morning instead of a button-down shirt. When the time comes to meet your date, ditch the blazer and rock your perky top. You can also pair a vibrant blazer with a floral dress or a shift dress and remove it before rocking an adorable look for your date.

Bauble It Up!

date 4



Turn the bling on. For work you would generally keep your jewellery minimal with a watch and pearl droplets, but go all out for your big night with a statement choker and fancy bracelets. This would immediately give you a brighter appearance.

Get Coquettish!




Go sans your tan tote. That boring tote that has become a part of your very existence, ditch it. Carry an embellished clutch or a vibrant cross-body; with this you would have more of a relaxed and fun appearance rather than a professional one.

Remove The Pumps!


Ladies, let go of those comfortable ballet flats and pumps. Instead, go ahead and put on your glass slippers and make your fairy tale date come true. You can opt for edgy stilettoes or strappy sandals to add fun to your outfit.

Go Bold!



Another thing that will improve your look would be a fresh and lit up face. Just before leaving the office take your vanity kit and add on a red lipstick paired with some flick liner. This would instantly transform your look and turn you into a magical frauline.

So, ladies! Go ahead, and take these pointers down, for whenever you have a date straight after work, or even if you are planning to go out for some drinks and tell us how do you pep up your office look for the evening.