What Is Detox Water And Why Should You Be Drinking Some Right Now?

A taste of fruity perfection.

Detox water should be your partner-in-crime when it comes to killing that body fat. According to fitness freaks, detox water helps your body get rid of those nasty toxins all while burning some fat. So if you’re counting those last few inches to your summer bod or can’t seem to drink enough water every day, it’s time to get six glasses full of some fruitastic goodness. It’s also a great hack for anyone who needs a couple more nutrients in their diet. Grab a pitcher and some fresh water, because these are our top picks. Let’s get creative!


1. Cinnamon Spice

For some spice in your fitness routine, add a couple of pinches of cinnamon to a litre of water. Then, slice up some apples (red works best) and give the mixture a good stir. Now you’ve got a magic elixir to combat spikes in blood sugar and ward off those munchies.


2. Cooler Than You

With the summer heat beating down on you, stay hydrated with a strawberry-watermelon-mint cooler. Chop up your fruits and mix them into a pitcher of water, and you’re almost done. Leave your drink in the fridge to chill overnight, and you won’t stop sipping once it’s ready.


3. Liquid Healing 

Have you been feeling a little bit under the weather lately? Then try out our trusty lemon-ginger detox water. Slice up some lemon and ginger, and stir the chunks into a liter of water. Just like a warm cup of tea, this magic potion is bound to have you feeling ready to kick some butt in no time. You can even add a teaspoon of honey for some sweetness and relief for a sore throat.


4. Cool as a Cucumber

Spa days are incomplete without a tall glass of refreshing cucumber water, but who says you have to hit the spa for some relaxation? After you’ve planned your own DIY spa night in, add a couple of slices of cucumber to a pitcher of chilled water. Now you’ve got the complete spa experience – at home! Classic and easy.


5. Re-juice-venation 

We all know the benefits of aloe for your skin, but the pros don’t end there. You can even sip on aloe vera juice as a cure-all, from the inside-out of course. Here’s the recipe: Slice up a couple of oranges and lemons, grab a cup of aloe vera juice, and mix it all up with a litre of water. Sip on the mixture throughout the day, and you’re bound to see glowing skin in no time.


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