What you didn’t notice in Jennifer Winget’s new show!

Jennifer Winget’s brand new Indian Hindi thriller television series – Beyhadh is finally set to hit the screens and we couldn’t be more excited. Indian television takes a brand new turn in this highly anticipated TV show giving the audience their first deranged protagonist and an absolute stunner. But it isn’t just the show that got our hearts pumping; you cannot miss out on the dashing new on-screen pair and a pristine white theme going on with her wardrobe.

What makes us even more excited about Jennifer Winget is that she has been styled by none other than StyleCracker’s expert stylists for the 2015 release Phir se. Owing to our fun experience and rapport with her, we asked her to answer a few questions and she willingly obliged.

What inspires Maya to opt for white throughout the show?

“White is often associated with being pure, unstained and good. It is also a clean slate and backdrop against dark or bold messages. White is stark as are her intentions – clear, focused and direct. Also, when she falls in love, her love will bring a lot of colours to her life and her wardrobe.”

Do you think Maya’s wardrobe choices are a reflection of her character’s inner feelings?

“Without giving away too much, I’d say no, her wardrobe is definitely not a reflection of her inner self. She is a perfectionist, prim and proper to the T with extreme attention to detail but there are layers to her character. This is just the beginning; the tip of the iceberg. A lot stands to change, both in clothes and character. You’ll have to wait and watch!”

Is Maya a fashion conscious person?

“Maya’s power image undoubtedly precedes her. She is strong, focused and so clear about what she’s about and what she’s going after. Her style, though formal at most times, is clean and simple with sharp lines. Her power exudes from her stance, the way she dresses and carries herself.”

How similar is your personal style to that of your character?

“I’ve been looking back at all my looks across shows and genres over the years; call it an uncanny coincidence or signs leading up until now, but it’s surprised me as well how whites have stood out as my prime wardrobe choices in most of these.

My personal style too is clean, minimalistic and fuss-free just as Maya likes it though I can get experimental with colour now and then.”

After our conversation with Jennifer, we’re absolutely pumped for Beyhadh that goes on air tonight at 9:00 pm.


Image courtesy: indiaforums.com