DIY: 4 ways to upcycle your tank tops and t-shirt

This boiling heat wave calls for some serious wardrobe changes – but if you’re bored of wearing the same old tank tops over and over, we have some DIY tips that will help you spruce them up.

You’ll need:

Four old tank tops or t-shirts,

Fabric cutting shears,

A measure tape and some tailor’s chalk.

The front knot


This looks great with a pair of skinny jeans – if the top is printed, its better.


1. Wear your tank top and mark how short you would like it to be, just a tiny dot or two is enough.

2. Remove your top, place it on the floor and flatten it out with your hands.

3. Measure the distance of your marking point to the hem and start making broken line markings all around it using the same distance amount.


4. With the back side of the top facing you, cut the marked line in a rectangle, carefully leaving the front untouched.

5. With the back side still facing you, turn up the front corners into a equal triangles to meet at the centre and cut away the angles (not the right angle) and the center line until the marked point.


6. Now, use the triangles to tie your front knot and voilà! Your upcycled top is ready!

Fringed top


Perfect for those music festivals, to pair with printed shorts and a head chain.


Same as 1, 2 and 3 of the above.

4. Now, start marking equal ½ inch strips all around.


5. Start cutting the strips up until the the horizontal marking point.


6. Now, individually pull each strip to help elongate them.


7. Feel free to get creative and knot them.

Muscle tee


You would ideally require a looser t-shirt for this one.


1. Mark 2½ inches away from the neckline on both shoulders and 4 inches above the hemline.

2. Join both points with a broken line marking for ease of cutting.

diy muscle tee (4)

3. Now cut away!

Wear it with a cool printed sports bra for a punk-chic look.

Cut-out back


You may have to get really clean on this one!


1. We suggest using a printed cut-out shape for tracing.


2. Trace and cut away! Make sure your heart isn’t too big to get close to the side seams.

We suggest wearing a lacy inner to enhance this shape.

If you would like more tutorials like these, let us know in the comments.