DIY: Braids 

Its summertime and the heat turns the best blowouts into a complete disaster. Instead try the season’s hottest hair trend—braids. We show you how to recreate these three styles that were seen on the ramp globally.  Quick tip, remember to always brush out any knots and kinks from your hair before attempting any of these braids.


French Braid: 

Step 1: Take a small section of hair from the top (crown) of your head and divide it into three equal parts. The basic principal of the French braid is to cross the outside strands of hair over the central strand.

Step 2: Take one of the outside strands and cross it over the center strand, repeat this with the other outside strands.

Step 3: Keep adding more strands of hair, about half the thickness of the original sections, to each of the outside sections on the same side.

Step 4: Continue working with the sections till the end of the hair length. Secure with a rubber band.


Fishtail French Braid:

Step 1: Take a small section of hair from the top of the head and divide it into three parts

Step 2: Use the same technique as a regular French braid till you reach the nape.

Step 3:  At the nape, divide the hair into two sections. Pull a skinny hair strand from outside the right section. Pull it over the right section and then weave it under the left section. Repeat the same process with the left side. Keep going till you run out of hair strands to turn in.

Step 4: Once you reach the end of the hair length, add a bow for a feminine touch and your fishtail braid is ready!


Headband Braid:

Step 1: Take a section of your hair from one side of your head. Ensure that the section is not too thick

Step 2: Divide into three parts and make a regular, simple braid, securing it with a thin rubber band.

Step 3: Take it over you head like a hairband and secure it behind your ear on the other side of your head with a clip.

Step 4: Voila! A stylish braid for a girly look.

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