DIY: Fancy a high ponytail

Nothing says easy-chic like a high ponytail and Beyoncé just proved that not too long ago at the Met Gala red carpet. With the perfect muse in mind, we show you how to rock that glam updo in the easiest way possible.

Polished girls wear buns and divas rock high ponytails


Ponytails aren’t just for the gym anymore! Every girl’s easy, go-to hairstyle is gaining in popularity on the runway as well as the red carpet. From casual, to all-dolled-up, here’s how we’re rocking the Yoncé-tail.

You’ll need:

– A paddle hair brush,

– Bobby-pins,

– Elastic hair bands.


1. Bend over and swing all your hair to the front and start combing from the back of your roots – this is important as your backside is all the more visible when you’re rocking a ponytail that high.

2. Continue combing wherever necessary to create that polished ponytail while you the bunch all your hair up just before you tie it.

3. Now, staring at the mirror find the top of your crown and check if your ponytail is high enough, yet not too high to cause pulling at the roots (trust us this causes nothing but a headache!).

4. Tie up really taut using the hair tie. Now, use the longest strand from the back of your ponytail, be sure its thick enough because this is going to cover the elastic band and make it appear as if you’ve used a hair tie made of your own tresses.

4. Now wrap that strand around neatly and once there’s an inch or two left, swing it to the back and pin it up.

5. Finish off with a spritz of hair spray. Go on and tong the ends for an uber glam look.

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala

Don’t forget to switch on your fav Beyoncé track (we’re thinking Partition or Crazy in love should get you pepped up) and show that high ponytail off with your best selfie face!

Faux long hair

Now, if you’re cursing your luck if you couldn’t try the style above just because your hair is cut in layers, fret not, we have a solution for you that will help you cheat your way to a glamorous ponytail.


1. Section your hair using a tail comb or fingers into two portions, the crown layers (these should feel thicker as you bundle them up in your palm) and the bottom-most, longer layers (these should feel slightly less in quantity than the latter).

2. You will be creating two ponytails that will appear as one, and will be starting at the bottom, we suggest tying up the upper portion into a clip for the time being.


3. Comb your lower layers and tie them in to a neat (slightly higher from the nape of the neck) ponytail.

orig (1)

4. Now, unravel the hair at your crown, comb through it and head for that high ponytail.

orig (2)

orig (3)

5. Be sure to fluff up the upper ponytail in a way that it hides the one under it. And, there you have it! Your very own faux high ponytail.

If you’d like more such hair DIY tutorials, let us know in the comments below!