DIY: Get rid of an oily scalp this summer

Is the humid climate wreaking havoc on your tresses? Do you have to wash your hair ever so often? Whatever may be the issue, a solution is in order! Read on for some at-home DIY remedies to help your scalp feel fresh and breathe easy.

First things first – Diagnose the issue


There’s a very good chance that a hormonal problem is at play causing your roots to feel like they are in an oil slick. Whether you are or were a teenager, we’re all familiar with overactive oil glands. In adulthood, an oily scalp can be a sign of a hormone imbalance which can be treated topically. Head over to your dermatologist and get your hormone levels checked to rule out a problem.

Next – Pull out all the guns!

brunette woman is not happy with her fragile hair, white backgro

While sebum production is designed to protect your hair and moisturize your scalp, an excessively greasy scalp is probably worse than having post-gym-hair. Stop blaming your mane and get cooking with these easy DIY recipes!

Let life give you lemons


Squeeze out the juice of two lemons in a glass and dilute it with two cups of distilled water. Apply this mixture to your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before heading for a shampoo.

Make this mixture potent by adding eucalyptus oil to it instead of water. Massage on to roots and let it rest for about 20 minutes before you shampoo. This will control oil production while fighting pore-blocking bacteria.

Aloe-ve it


We would highly recommend nurturing this plant in your homes for its countless beauty benefits.

Mix two cups water with 1 cup of aloe vera gel along with a few drops of lavender essential oil to make a soothing potion that can reduce oiliness.

Vinegar isn’t just for salads


We swear by apple cider vinegar rinses for hair – its ph neutralizing properties helps remove product build-up, acts as an anti-bacterial and removes dandruff.


Between your shampoo and conditioning routine, make time for this rinse by pouring a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water directly onto your scalp. Let it sit for 5 minutes and work its magic and rinse of and continue your conditioning routine.

Shake it off!


Dust off with a sprinkle of this DIY dry shampoo recipe that will leave you feeling and smelling fresh!

If you have any such problems that need some DIY addressing, give us a shout out and we’ll post about it!