DIY: How To Clean Your Boots

Our boots take a real beating during the cold months. Road mud/soil marks on leather and scuff marks on suede are two of the biggest challenges that we face as boot lovers. But there are a few simple ways to care for our boots that would make their life longer. Maintaining the new-like shine of the shoe is key. Follow these steps to thoroughly clean your boots – suede or leather.

To clean your leather boots, make a cleansing solution with equal parts water and vinegar. Soak a clean rag into it for 10 minutes before wringing it out. Rub out the dirt gently using the damp cloth, and wipe with a dry towel. Let the shoes dry away from any kind of heat (from any radiators and such) because direct heat will make your leather shoes brittle.

You might be tempted to scrub at ugly black marks on leather, but they need a lighter touch: Dip a soft cloth in water, then baking soda, and rub the spots gently. Once spots are gone, wipe the footwear with a clean, damp cloth and buff dry.


The wet cleaning remedies that work for smooth leather aren’t good for suede, which needs to stay dry so it doesn’t lose its texture. Hold the suede boots above a pan with boiling water (a safe distance away from the steam), for 3-5 minutes. Then using a soft-bristled, clean toothbrush, gently rub out the dirt and grime moving the toothbrush in one single direction.

Clean your boots after each time you wear them, so that the dirt doesn’t build up. Taking proper care of your shoes will go a long way in style!