DIY: How To Turn Your Gumboots Into Chic-boots!


Finding a cool pair of Gumboots, or Wellingtons, in our city is almost as hard as finding Nemo. Mostly what you’ll find are drab, unimaginative boring black boots which do nothing to lift the monsoon gloom.

So we decided to have some fun and turn a pair of black gumboots into a chic, cool, colorful accessory for the unrelenting rains. Just grab a can of fast-dry white spray paint, some acrylic paints and a wide paint brush, and you’re all set to execute this easy 2 step DIY!

Spray paint the black gumboots white all over. Set it to dry.

Using the brush, splatter acrylic paint all over the boots in different colors.

And that’s it! You can also make different patterns and prints on your boots. Just let the boots be your canvas and your imagination fly.

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