DIY This Christmas

Homemade gifts have a special tag attached to them, even if they are small. There are a gazillion things you could do out there for the kith and kin that will bring ear-to-ear grins on their faces. That’s priceless, isn’t it?


Nesting bowls:
Let’s start off with an easy one. Pick out a set of nesting bowls. You could stick to the Christmas colours or any other colour you fancy. Be sure to have a paint pen handy in a colour that will stand out on the bowl.  Once you’ve brought them home, write whatever you feel like.  Make, bake, cake or Mix, whip, stir or Veni, vidi, vici; take your pick! These personalized mixing bowls are sure to be a hit with a friend who enjoys cooking or with an aunty who loves hoarding. Throw in something extra (it is the gifting season, after all), ribbon it up and you’re good to gift!


A Christmas-y necklace:

Dig out or simply buy a set of curtain rings. You’ll need some embroidery thread or wool. A small bell and some wreath decorations like twigs, pinecone and Christmas berries. Add to that ribbon, a necklace chain, scissors and glue. Tie the little bell to the plastic ring with the thread. Rope in the plastic ring with the thread. Pull it tightly into a knot at the back. Adorn the wreath with the berries, pinecone, twigs and any other Christmas-y thing you like (and that fits in). Make a little bow on top and loop the chain in. Voila! Gift these to your girlfriends and they’ll cherish it for life.

Stenciled Holiday Tea Towel

Tea Towels:

Make these stencil tea towels in minutes. Supplies needed are white cotton hand towels, holiday stencil set, a piece of cardboard to put beneath the fabric while stenciling, acrylic paint, foam brush, spray adhesive if needed. Put the cardboard below the tea tower so that the paint doesn’t bleed onto the other side. Now spray the stencil lightly with a spray adhesive to secure it in place. You could use masking tape also. Dab your brush with some paint and gently swipe it around the stencil. Remove the stencil carefully and there you are! It’s done in just few minutes. Set aside to dry for an hour or so. Tie ‘em up with a ribbon or garnish them further with embellishments and it’s a handy gift!


Christmas treat bags:

Pull your old sweaters out and convert them into these really cool Christmas treat bags. All you need are old but clean (you are gifting them to someone, remember!) cable knit sweaters, ribbon, any embellishment that you like or find easy to use, a sewing machine or a hot glue gun (avoid regular quick-stick as it’s dose not hold out on woolen as effectively). Start by cutting up your sweater. Each bag will need two neat squares of any size, say 6” by 10” and hem at the top that will be the opening of the bag. Sew the remaining three sides or glue them with the hot glue gun. Your bags are ready. Turn them inside out, fill them with trinkets, candy, cookies, knick-knacks, chocolates (homemade ones) and tie ‘em up with a cutesy ribbon. Use any embellishment you wish to – like colourful pearls, fabric roses, etc and attach them to the treat bag. The contents of the treat bag may disappear in no time, the bag is sure to stay back for a long time!


Candy cane bow necklace:


A gorgeous ornament or even a gift topper, this candy cane bow necklace is by far one of the cutest DIY Christmas gifts. All you need is polymer clay in red and white, glaze, brush, knife and any embellishments to decorate onto the necklace. Break two equal lumps of red and white clay. Knead them separately and roll them into ropes. Roll the two into a one thicker rope. Twist the entire length of the rope until it looks evenly spaced out. It’s okay if it’s a little bumpy right now. Roll the rope in your hands until it feels even. To make the bow, start at the centre of the candy cane rope. Make a loop on one side and do NOT try to tie it like a real bow. Just pinch the clay in the middle and create another loop on the other side. Let the end of the rope cross over the rest of the bow and continue onto the right. Snap of a little piece of the rope to circle the centre of the bow. Cut the ends of the candy cane bow evenly and smoothen the ends with your finger tips. Now bake the bow as per the instructions on the polymer clay packet. Allow to cool and paint a coat of gloss to make it shiny.  Push the loops of a gold chain into it and there you have it! Pack it in cute little accessory bags and watch them smile!


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