Do’s and Don’ts: Camouflage

We know that camouflage is a classic print and would never go out of trend. Having said that, though many of us would wish to rock this edgy print but end up shying away from it. Camouflage is perfect to add a bit of edge and comfort to any semblance. But, be careful of how you style it; after all you are not going away to the army. Here are some camo do’s and don’ts.

Do wear it with a bright accessory. It would help in adding some life to the earthy colours of the print.
Don’t try to make it look too princy-pressa. It is a gamine print and would look tacky as anything else.
Do wear it with your feminine clothing. Throw on your camouflage shirt over a fitted dress, to ease out the formal look of the dress.
Don’t wear it head to toe. one or two pieces of the print are fine, but more than that in a semblance would actually make you look like a hunter girl.
Do use camouflage accessories. The camo accessories make the semblance look chic and audacious.
Don’t ย mix animal prints with camo; two prints don’t work well – at all. They make the whole outfit appear busy.
Do work layers with the print. Camouflage is perfect for layering; it adds a unique style to a basic t-shirt.
Don’t be too shapeless. With camos don’t aim for a loose-fitting semblance, as the look would loose it’s charm. Mix and match it with some lace or a form fitting dress.
Do express yourself and show some skin. Remember, your attire expresses who you are; let your curves not be hidden under the masculine print.
Don’t make the print look too busy – the essence of styling is lost. Do not add too much print or bling to make the look tacky.

Let us know how you would style your camouflage treasures.




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