Do’s and Don’ts: Necklines

Ladies! Have you noticed that there are particular shirts and tops that make you loo like a fashion extraordinaire and and then there are those which just don’t seem to be made for you? One word for all of it – Necklines. They can take you from trite to bright in under a minute. So, choose wisely. SC brings you necklines for each body type. Take your pick!

Pear shape

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Maximum women in our country have this body type. Pear shaped women have wider hips and a lean upper body – giving of the impression of a pear. Basically, you own a flat stomach and delicate shoulders. Do draw attention to your upper body and opt for strapless tops or boat necks and shirts with ruffles. Take advantage of the perfect torso. Don’t wear baggy shirts and tops that hide your assets.

Column Shape

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The upper body and the lower body are generally of the same width and are on the slim side. so, you need to add curves. DO go for plunging necklines or V necks, as you want to accentuate all you have. Also, the right bra is very important for you. Don’t wear long and loose t-shirts, they will just hide your figure.

Lollipop Shape


With this body shape, the upper body is wider than the lower body. Hence, concentrate on showing off your legs. Don’t wear spaghetti straps – you don’t want to draw attention to your shoulders. Do wear halter tops, as they draw the attention away from your shoulders and add some curves.

Apple Shape


This body type you would want create an illusion of a smaller waist. Do wear collared shirts and tops with heart-shaped necklines. Don’t wear anything fitted, it would just not flatter your body.

Hourglass Shape


This is known to be the perfect shape; with your chest and hips in the same proportion with a tiny waist. Every part of your body is an asset, so go ahead and flaunt. Do wear fitted tops and dresses, just bring those curves into light. Don’t wear loose and baggy clothes and end up hiding the perfect figure