Easy Tips To Nail Power Dressing From Our Pro Stylists

It’s pretty simple. If you look powerful, you’ll feel powerful. There’s a reason they tell you to dress for the job you want and not just the one you have. Your clothes today can tell more of a story than what comes out of your mouth and when you’re off to an interview, the person you’re meeting with sees you before they hear you and that very first impression could make or break your deal.

Which brings us to power dressing. What is power dressing? It’s basically wearing something that makes you feel and look powerful. We asked our team of stylists to break it down for all you NinjaNaaris out there, keep scrolling.

1. The key to power dressing is to look polished and put-together. Pick subtle colours that compliment each other. Ideally, going monotone will never fail you. For example, a salmon pink or beige blouse with a matching set of trousers is something that not only keeps you looking neat, it makes you look taller and super refined.

2. Save excessive skin show for a night out with your girls at the new club in town. At any place of work, covered up and classy is an unspoken rule. An easy way to achieve this is by adding a blazer to practically anything you’re wearing that day. It goes with dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers and for whatever reason, it even tends to make a pair of shorts look formal – we wouldn’t recommend it unless you work in a creative field where pretty much anything goes.

3. While points one and two are practically the uniform when it comes to power dressing, there are a few other pieces that can help you achieve the look. Try a pair of wide leg trousers with a t-shirt. Give the shirt-dress a try. And you can always rely on your dark washed denims with a crisp shirt to keep you looking professional and powerful. But the key factor to all these outfits is a great pair of shoes. They could be wedges, kitten heels or loafers, just make sure they’re close mouth and something you can wear all day.

And ladies, sneakers don’t make the cut.

4. Next up, accessories. Pick minimal jewellery over chunky ones, they look neater and more elegant. You could always add a bangle or bracelet to your watch. Obviously clutch bags are to be saved for the evening. If your clothes are in a dull colour palette, a bright bag can add a ton of character to your look.

5. And finally, now that we have your clothes and accessories sorted out and ready, lets not ignore hair and makeup. Keep it simple, a tight bun or braid will work. Try not to keep your hair messy and definitely don’t do it as an afterthought. As for makeup, all you need is a stroke of eyeliner and a browny/nude lip.

Now that you have the 411, there’s a way to make this whole process even simpler. All you need to do is sign up for a StyleCracker Box. Our stylists personally curate everything according to your style and preferences and send it over to your doorstep in a neat little package.